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3 Pillars For Successful AMS Deployment In Your Association

Updated: Feb 1

While associations understand the "what" and the "why" of deploying association management software (AMS), it is easy to lose sight of the crucial "how" component which relies solely on your people. Focussing on "how" is essential for achieving sustained success in technology – or any – transformational change.

In this article, we explore the power of change facilitation and how it can empower your people to become the change that your association needs for a successful AMS deployment.

Themes and Trends That Hinder AMS Deployments

When looking at the deployment of technology globally, there are themes and trends that deserve your attention. The biggest challenge is the resistance to change and how that inevitable resistance manifests itself.

Resistance to change is natural and almost hard-wired into the human psyche. According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, approximately 70% of change initiatives fail due to resistance to change from employees.

Resistance can manifest in various forms, including scepticism, fear of the unknown, or a preference for the status quo, all of which can hinder the successful adoption and growth of technology deployments.

The Challenge of Doing Things Differently

Change is not easy. It requires individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace uncertainty. And the reality is that many people struggle to sustain change over time. They fall back into familiar habits and expect different outcomes. This phenomenon, known as the bounce-back effect, is common and can hinder technology transformation efforts.

To overcome this challenge, you must provide your people with support that goes beyond technology training and process development. By giving the "how" you deploy your association management software the focus it deserves, you empower your people with the behaviours, skills, choices, and mindset that are necessary to not only it but enjoy a sustained and fruitful engagement with it over the long term.

A woman contemplating a change in technology
The biggest challenge to a successful association management software deployment is the resistance to change and how that inevitable resistance manifests itself

The Role of Change Facilitation in AMS Deployment

Change facilitation is not change management. It focusses first on guiding individuals and associations through the process of change. It goes beyond charts, processes, and management techniques. Change facilitation focusses on empowering individuals to develop a growth mindset, build valuable relationships, and thrive through change. By providing the necessary support and resources, you can enable all your people to become active participants in the association management software journey.

The 3 Pillars For Successful AMS Deployment

Beyond the tool itself, the success of a technology deployment rests on three pillars: mindset, relationships, and accountability.

#1 Mindset: Embracing a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the foundation of any successful change. It is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed at any time. Each person with a growth mindset knows that, with effort and dedication, they can get where they want to be. By cultivating a growth mindset within your people, you will create an environment where individuals are open to learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. This mindset fuels resilience and adaptability, enabling individuals to navigate change with confidence.

#2 Relationships: Building Valuable Connections

Change is a collaborative and collective effort. Building strong relationships of value beyond the proposal team and around your association is crucial. By fostering collaboration, trust, and open communication, you will create a supportive network that encourages subject matter and knowledge experts to share ideas, seek feedback, and work with your proposal team towards common goals. Strong relationships also provide a sense of belonging and purpose, motivating your people to actively contribute to the change process.

#3 Accountability: Thriving Through Change

Change is one of the few constants and is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. By providing your people with the necessary resources, support, and development opportunities, you empower them to navigate change effectively. However, without accountability at the core of any intervention made, it is far more likely to bounce off the surface and have little impact. You may feel better because you have supported people, and it will have had little actual impact.

What does accountability look like? When we are able to hold ourselves and others accountable for the things we say we will do, and being curious about what’s getting in our way when that doesn’t happen, we are operating from a place of real authenticity. Say-do gaps are minimised, and trust is built. So, practically what does that look like? Really supporting your people in reflecting on how they are showing up and what they want to do differently. Successful change must start with individuals, aligned around a single intent, and build momentum from there.

Working with Sociatio for a Successful AMS Deployment

In every industry, successful technology change is ultimately about people and their experiences. By placing your people at the core of your technology change, you will unlock the latent capacity in your people to drive meaningful individual and associational progress.

It is essential to empower individuals, nurture a growth mindset, build strong relationships, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. When people feel valued, supported, and empowered, they become active participants in your association management software initiative. They take ownership of the journey, driving success and inspiring others to do the same. With Sociatio, you can create a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and adaptability.

In Summary

Partner with Sociatio to unlock the latent capacity in your people, enabling them to become the change you need to support your technology deployment. Our immersive, positively disruptive, and programme-led approach combines facilitation techniques with technology and ongoing support to create the conditions for sustained success with your investment in association management software.



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